English page


On this page you will find the Dutch names of the pages with meditation music. Also you will find the references to other music. For those who understand German and Dutch, there is a lot to hear and see. All is unique and composed and written by (Geertje) Elisabeth Tobé.


- On Meditatief you find meditation a series of 3 CD's with meditation music and natural sounds.


- On Angel Music you find the music of the title.


- Archangels and Universe is a CD with the real sounds of planets as background for very special meditation music. 


- Voyage to the sun is a solo-CD by flutist Eef Tobé. Het uses the real sounds of the planets of our solar system as backgroud for his improvisations. Very suitable for astrologers and  astronomers e.g. as background for lectures.


- Yugen and Komorebi are CD's with Japanese music suitable for meditation.


- Healing wings from heaven is a very unique production. It is a cooperation with a singer, who sings in tongues, a virtuose flute and electronic piano. Really amazing!


- Berend Botje contains Dutch songs for children, only instrumental.


- Kerstmuziek means Christmas Music. The 3 CD's are instrumental. 

The third CD only has German Christmas songs. (Geertje) Elisabeth Tobé plays all on electric piano and keyboard in an inprovisorial way. It is amazing to hear what she does.